Applications and Forms

Below you’ll find the appropriate applications and forms for residential and commercial customers to use to apply for credit. For your convenience, we’ve also included tax forms pertaining to energy purchases.

If you’d like to join our dedicated and skilled staff as a driver or HVAC technician, please select the appropriate application below and return it to the nearest Hometowne Energy office.

New Customer FormsTP-385 tax form disclaimer

Commercial Credit Application
Residential Credit Application

Customer Referral Form

Credit Card Authorization Form

Secured Information Page  (Existing accounts are not required to enter SS#)

Third Party Notification Form (Residential Customers ONLY)

Third Party Notification Form

Electronic Funds Transfer Forms

Authorization Form for EFT Payments

Employment Applications

Drivers Application
HVAC Technician Application

Tax Forms

Cerificate of Purchase on Non-Highway Diesel Fuel FT1004 (Farm Fuel)

Commercial Fuel Exempt Use Tax ST121 (ULSD and GAS)

Material Safety Data Sheets 

HEAPMSDS- Liquid Propane 2018

MSDS- Dyed ULSD 2015

MSDS- Clear ULSD 2015

MSDS- Gasoline 87 Octane 10% Ethanol 2015

MSDS- Gasoline 89 Octane 10% Ethanol 2015

MSDS- Gasoline 93 Octane 10% Ethanol 2015

MSDS- Gasoline Conventional 91 Octane 2015