Customer Loyalty

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H.E.L.P.  (Hometowne Energy Loyalty Program) is an incentive program for our residential customers that allows the user (you) to manage your Hometowne account simply by creating a Username/Password combination.


Enrolling is easy, just click Access Your Account Here (H.E.L.P.) at the upper right corner of the website to create your login credentials.  Once you have a login you will start to earn loyalty points (account must meet all the eligibility requirements).

Eligibility requirements (Eligible accounts receive 1 point per day up to a maximum of 3,650 points):

⇒ You must register for on-line access            ⇒ You must be a Residential customer.

⇒ You must be on Automatic Delivery             ⇒ You must be in good credit standing

*Hometowne Energy reserves the right to review and reject a redemption request for any reason at its sole discretion.


Once you have signed up for the program you can:animated figure at a computer working

  • Access you Hometowne account online
  • Review current deliveries and charges on your account
  • Review past deliveries
  • Get annual usage information (helpful for our pre-buy customers)
  • Pre-order a delivery if you think you need one before when we have you scheduled
  • Pay your bill online

As a benefit of enrolling in this program you will earn (1) Loyalty point for each day enrolled- to be redeemed for:

  • Credit towards the Pre-Buy Program * 300 pts =$25 credit on account
  • Credit towards a burner service cleaning *400 pts =$35 credit on account
  • Credit on new HVAC equipment *500 pts =$50 credit on account
  • A Gift Card *750 pts =$50 gift card (Wegmans, Target or Amazon)