Marketing Update: 2014-15 Newsletter and PreBuy Program

Inserted in this newsletter is the contract and details for our 2014-15  Residential Heating Pricing Programs for Fuel Oil and Propane.
This is our traditional “Pre-Buy” Option. You determine how many gallons that you want to pre-purchase, you pay for these gallons now, Hometowne will secure these gallons then deliver them to you when needed (see contract details).
We at Hometowne are aware that this can be a strain on anybody’s financial budget, so to help you we have given you the option to spread the cost of the pre-buy over three months
(September, October & November).
When it comes to determining what is going to happen to fuel costs each year there are so many variables today that affect the cost of fuel. It would only be “guessing” if you are trying to predict the future. This program will at least eliminate your fuel cost from rising. If you think the price of fuel is going to decrease, than you may be better off not participating in this program and just purchase
your fuel when you need it at the going rate.
As with any of our programs, if you have questions contact the office or your salesman and we will be happy to help you.
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