Important News Regarding Your Heating Costs

We at Hometowne Energy appreciate your business!! We also understand how difficult it can be to keep up with fuel oil bills and we have some important news regarding your heating costs.

Have you ever considered switching to propane as a cost saving option?

Hometowne Energy has developed a 0% Financing Program for our current Fuel Oil Customers to buy a *NEW* PROPANE Furnace. Plus, Hometowne is offering added BONUSES in this limited time offer.

Here’s Why

Over the last several years we have watched as the cost of Fuel Oil has increase annually. The cost of Fuel Oil has more then doubled in the last ten years. At this time we do not see any signs of any market actions or corrections that we believe would result in a significant reduction in the cost of home heating oil.

Hometowne Energy has been cautious in its recommendations of one type of heat vs. another as there are never any guarantees that one will always be better or less expensive over another. However at this time we feel that the disadvantages of the cost of heating oil far out ways the benefits of the much lower cost of Propane (LPG).

Many of you have had Fuel Oil for years and may not be aware that Hometowne Energy Co. has been a full service propane supplier since its start. We know that you do have options on your heating and one of the best options available today is to change from Fuel Oil over to Propane. This conversion will allow you to take advantage of the much lower price and more stable long term pricing of an American produced product. Propane will also offer you the option of adding a propane hot water heater, stove, dryer or fireplace insert.

If the thought of changing from Fuel Oil to Propane to save money interests you, please call any of our three Hometowne Energy offices. We will schedule a trained sales person to visit your home. We will provide you a detailed analysis of the cost to convert your heating system to propane, as well as include a cost analysis showing the comparison of heating with propane vs. oil.

Please be assured that if you chose to continue with your current heating system and purchase Fuel Oil from Hometowne, we will continue to offer the most competitive pricing, programs and the same service that we have always provided.

We thank you again for your patronage and look forward to your calls.

Hometowne Energy Co.

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