Selling your home?


If your home is currently on the market, or will be soon, here are some important tips regarding your fuel oil/propane account & your home sale.

First – As soon as your home is put on the market, you need to notify Hometowne Energy. Together we can decide whether or not to change your delivery schedule, based on the time of year and the current level of the tank.

Second – ANY adjustments for product left in your fuel oil or propane tank at the time of sale are handled through YOUR Real Estate closing- Not by Hometowne Energy. This is negotiated and decided upon as part of your home sale. Here’s the procedure you should follow:

  • As the seller, you will need to request a last “top off delivery” at least 1 week before closing. We’ll make the delivery and send you, the seller, the final invoice. You are responsible for paying the bill.
  • At the same time as invoicing you for your final delivery, we’ll also draft a letter stating the value of the full tank based on current retail prices and applicable county taxes. This is the amount that you will be paid by the buyer for the full tank of fuel oil/propane that you are leaving them. This letter will then be supplied to your attorney who should then give the information to the buyer as part of their closing costs.
  • Your Hometowne Energy account will be closed, once your account balance is paid in full (including your final delivery).
  • The buyer will then be contacted by Hometowne personnel so that they can open an account with us and deliveries can resume.
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