Hometowne Energy wants to be your residential energy provider.  Whether you use propane or oil to heat your home, Hometowne Energy provides the reliable service and competitive prices you are looking for. Hometowne Energy is a full service energy provider, meaning that we not only deliver and sell you your propane or oil, but we will also install, service  and maintain your energy equipment.

For your peace of mind Hometowne Energy is also available 24/7 to handle any problem that might arise with your heating system.  Check out our Heating/Cooling page to find out more!

H.E.A.P. (Heating Energy Assistance Program)

Hometowne Energy is a participant of the Heating Energy Assistance Program.  You will need to have a Hometowne Energy account established (pre-payment account or 30 day charge).  For more information regarding H.E.A.P. eligibility, contact your local county Department of Social Services.

Choosing an energy product company

When choosing a company to supply your energy product(s) there are several factors to consider other than just the price of the product. Please consider that “cheap fuel” doesn’t do you any good if it is not in your tank when you need it!

Your decision on selecting an energy provider should include:

  1. Supply: where is the fuel coming from, how many suppliers does the energy company have, and how close to my home is the fuel stored?
  2. Delivery: how many trucks does the supplier have and what condition are they in?
  3. Equipment Service: does the energy supplier have a service department to take care of any problems that my equipment may have?
  4. Programs: does the energy provider offer programs that make it easier or more economical for me to purchase fuel (automatic delivery / payment  plans / special pricing programs / budgets / etc.)

Hometowne Energy is committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. In addition to holding contracts with a variety of suppliers, rather than rely on a sole source, we maintain four of our own “bulk plants” that store oil and propane. We take care of our equipment – including delivery trucks –for maximum reliability and we have a 24/7 service department staffed by our own employees to serve you!  A variety of delivery and payment options let you choose the best program for your energy and economic needs.