2018 Fuel out

customer testimonial

Hometowne Energy

Thank you for having a Brockport

phone number for your service.

Not just a “bla-bla-bla-dot com”, that

I am unable to use!


Thank you for the pleasant lady who



Saturday, October 20, with the outside

temperature at 44 degrees, my house was cold.

(at my age , anything under 70 degrees is cold)

When I turned up the thermostat

No Heat Came on!  No oil!


My son-in-law, who handles my emergencies

was in Florida helping restore his father’s house

after the hurricane.  Help!!


I was promised oil delivery that day ~

but the furnace would need to be restarted.

It was like a miracle, when a service man

was at my door to start the furnace.  He

told he had brought 10 gals and the

furnace was restarted.

Oil was delivered later that day!


Thank you. ~so good to know

you provide service ~ not just oil.


Jean S. Chase


Happy Thanksgiving




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